Creative Entrepreneurship, Digital Manufacturing, Human Food Interaction, Sustainable Food Design

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Creative Entrepreneurship, Digital Manufacturing, Human Food Interaction, Sustainable Food Design


Restaurant Instock in Amsterdam is a sustainability-focused restaurant that works with food residuals (not beautiful enough/ close to the expiration date) of local farmers and supermarkets. Setting-up a collaboration with head-chef Andreas Chyrsomallis, a workshop was provided for the chefs to get them started with the food printer and recipes. In a co-creation process new shapes were developed, which fit the menu and ingredients. The following designs and recipes were developed: a crunchy cylinder from the green part of leek; a cookie from kimchi (created from the ‘ugly’ cabbages) in a circular shape with the Korean characters for kimchi, the cookie exactly fit on top of the bowl in which the kimchi soup was served; a cauliflower puree (made from the stems of cauliflower) in the shape of the top of a romanesco was developed, served with romanesco.



Restaurant Adam, Amsterdam

Restaurant Adam is a well-known restaurant in the Michelin-guide. Their vision is to use entire product, e.g. ordering an entire fish instead of filets of fish. The collaboration with the chefs, resulted in the development of the shape of a fish bone, printed with a puree made from the skin of the fish. A similar dish was made with a chicken-skin, printed in the shape of a feather. Furthermore, residuals of green herbs were further processed in a puree to print in the shape of a tomato crown and served on top of a tomato and milk and cream residuals were fermented and printed in the shape of a sheep, served as a hot cheesecake mousse.

Atelier Thuisbasis

Atelier Thuisbasis is a small-scale restaurant in which one menu is served to all guests, focused on combining creativity with reducing food waste. For a pop-up dinner a recipe was developed based on dry sugar waffles, which were further dried, processed as a cream and printed in their logo. This was filled as the dessert.

De Karpendonkse Hoeve

De Karpendonkse Hoeve was the first customer of Upprinting Food, which allowed us to showcase our capabilities to potential partners and customers. On a monthly basis new designs were made, sometimes focused on the visit of special customers; for Singapore’s Senior Minister of State for Environment and Water Resource Singapore, a Marlion was developed and printed as part of the dessert and for several companies logo’s were developed and printed in 3D shapes.

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