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Sustainable Food Design

Fermenting food is a very old preservation technique which is getting more attention by high-end cuisines. In contact with Christian Weij, fermentation specialist and owner of Smaakpark in Ede, I developed myself in this field by following workshops, reading books and filling jars with fruit and vegetables at home. Next to its health and flavor benefits, fermenting food is a cheap and easy method for making sauces from overripe vegetables, fruit or even fish and meat residuals. Certain techniques I use on regular basis, e.g. overripe fruit for water kefir and kombucha and milk that passed the expiry date for milk kefir.

This technique will be further explored to create interesting flavor explosions, but also for research collaborations, e.g. breaking down peels through enzymes that are part of the fermentation process and fermenting old bread for kvass and to create an old bread sourdough starter for the old bread crackers.




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