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Creative Entrepreneurship

Next to the design to market program, I took part in several development programs in order to further develop the company. As part of the track Design Leadership and Entrepreneurship, I followed the DLE track course, the course Design Innovation Strategies and the course Management of Product Development of the Innovation Science faculty.


Taking part in this program resulted in further development of a new business model, including the financial model. The program also focused on the individual people in the team, their potential roles and values. Categorized as an innovator, I may focus on roles in which I can express my creativity.



ehvLINC is a program which helped to arrange the legal structure of Upprinting Food. Tax, Law and Business Law students of the University of Tilburg were connected with law firms and focused on the steps which were needed to take for Upprinting Food.


The sciencio program is aimed at connecting startups with experienced entrepreneurs. This program helped me to start thinking about the future steps and role I like to take with Upprinting Food. It guided me in talking with investors, talking about my dreams, and collaborating with large-scale companies.


Design Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Within this course I learned to define myself as an entrepreneur, a combination of a transformative and strategic leader fits my way of working. It is meaningful to learn from other start-ups, their journeys and company structure. I continued this journey by following workshop and listening to podcasts of female entrepreneurs who are great examples for me.


Management of Product Development
During this course I learned about new product development in large-scale company structures and organizations, about agile and stage-gate processes, launching new products on the market and portfolio management. It made me aware of the management processes in these companies. Reflecting on my own strengths as entrepreneur, I realized that the innovative process in the fuzzy front end is more important for me than the management of a team and production processes.

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