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Team: Sam Kragtwijk, Jing-cai Liu


The course Design Innovation Strategies is part of the master program of Industrial Design. Combining my master with the start-up Upprinting Food, I was able to further develop the start-up within the course, following the course as a student and a client. During the course I experienced working with a team on my own start-up. I learned to delegate tasks, to communicate my vision and ideas and to be open to input and opportunities.


New collaborations were set up during the course. It was a great opportunity to expand the network of Upprinting Food on the university, by talking with more students and coaches. Furthermore, chefs and restaurant owners were interviewed about their ideas and hypotheses. This way, an updated business model and value proposition was developed. Learning to calculate the customer acquisition costs and lifetime value enabled us to set revenue goals for the company. Taking the numbers into account and observing our customer collaborations from a distance, it became clear that the personal service delivered to restaurants with Upprinting Food, is not scalable. The idea of an online platform was formulated, where new customers easily can choose their service model, create their own 3D models for 3D printing and even visualize their models choosing their recipes.


Next to the platform, more customer acquisition was needed. As part of the course an event was organized where the services were presented to potential customers, and 3D printed food was served.


The platform is still in development as part of Upprinting Food, currently the focus in on the development of a community of chefs, sharing recipes to reduce food residuals. A student-team was set-up after finalizing the course. Jing-cai Liu was the first student joining this team.

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