Creative Entrepreneurship, Digital Manufacturing, Human Food Interaction, Sustainable Food Design

Shape-changing Food: Chef’s Experience

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Creative Entrepreneurship, Digital Manufacturing, Human Food Interaction, Sustainable Food Design

M2.1 Design Project


In this shape-changing food project, emphasis was put on how the edible, transforming paper could be developed by chefs in a restaurant kitchen. The project was developed in collaboration with material scientist Dr. Johnny Drain and restaurant Alchemist** in Copenhagen and is a continuation of my M1.2 shape-changing food research. The first step focused on improving the mouthfeel and reactivity of the edible, transforming paper. Hence, several thickening agents, bacteria, enzymes and new cooking processes were investigated. Afterwards, new flavor components were explored while focusing on the residual food flows (e.g. vegetable peels) of restaurant Alchemist. Third, new techniques were developed to reduce the complexity of the process; Stencils were developed, which made it easier to create sheets with a consistent thickness and size and to improve the foldability of the sheets, a laser cutter was used to engrave the folding patterns.  Fourth, a PLEX workshop was organized with chefs of restaurant Alchemist to shape crazy, but unique dining experiences with the edible shape-changing paper. Lastly, a first dining experience was created within the restaurant context.


Through this project, I gained new knowledge in the processing of fruit and vegetable residuals, learned how to speed-up steps in the preparation process and got a first impression of working in a Michelin starred kitchen. I learned using the PLEX framework, a method I enjoy for the development of a new level of dining experience and which I will implement more often while defining unique directions in restaurant collaborations. The reactivity of the material needed to be further investigated, since the resulting edible sheets showed less reaction within the Alchemist kitchen. This is researched in the M2.2 project: ‘Shape-changing Food: Restaurant Experience‘.



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