Before starting the bachelor Industrial Design at the TU/e, I had to fulfill the entry requirement with a project on changing eating behavior of people eating too much or too fast. This was my first project in the direction of food, for which I developed spoons in new shapes-reducing the food intake with every bite. During the second year of my bachelor, I started to further develop myself in the direction of food, doing an extracurricular project, started working in a restaurant and following a minor in Food Technology at the Wageningen University and Research. Throughout my minor, I learned more about food chemistry and physics, but also about food safety and security, which made me aware of the amount of food that is thrown away each day. As a result, I finalized my bachelor with the project Upprinting Food which is aimed at 3D printing edible designs out of food that is often thrown away. After my bachelor I was selected for the food exposition at the Beijing Design week, were I had my own exhibition and organized a pop-up dinner with the 3D Food Company. Multiple exhibitions and presentations followed. Half a year later I started to combine the master of Industrial Design with Upprinting Food, both as a start-up and student-team, focused on high-end restaurants.