van Doleweerd

'Through food design, we can enable chefs to
create a new level in their culinary arts.'

van Doleweerd

'I am a creative entrepreneur with
a strong focus on food'


I have a bachelor in Industrial Design with a minor in Food Technology. I continued with my final bachelor project Upprinting Food as a start-up combined with my master in Industrial Design.

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Core Competences

The four core competences as expressed in my work, related to my vision and identity as designer.

Creative Entrepreneurship

During the master I continued with my final bachelor project Upprinting Food as a start-up, developing myself as a creative entrepreneur. I was selected for the Design to Market program…

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Digital Manufacturing

While working on Upprinting Food, I developed myself as an expert on 3D food printing. What I really enjoy doing with this expertise, is giving workshops to chefs: teaching them how to use the technology;…

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Sustainable Food Design

Worldwide 1/3th of the food produced, is wasted. As a designer working with food, sustainability is a really important topic. Throughout my projects I learned how food residuals can be processed…

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Human Food Interaction

Human Food Interaction (HFI) is an emerging research area within Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) that explores the intersection between food, technology, and human interaction. It is an area of research in…

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  • Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Human Food Interaction
  • Sustainable Food Design

While working with chefs in their kitchen, I started understanding my value as designer in this industry with the knowledge I developed in the last years.

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