While working with chefs in their kitchen, I started understanding my value as designer in this industry with the knowledge I developed in the last years. Through my network and collaborations, new opportunities were born to continue with after finalizing my Masters. I found out what kind of entrepreneur I like to be and what I do and do not like to work on. I enjoy to work on innovative (research) projects, rather than scaling and managing product which are ready for the market. I like to work with digital manufacturing techniques and to keep track of the developments in this field. Furthermore, I would love to continue exploring the field of human-food interaction, developing new interactive dining experiences with chefs in their restaurants. Also, I enjoy material research, with a sustainable focus.


Since the Scandinavian hospitality industry with restaurants that include research facilities, such as Alchemist and Noma, is seen as an example for many chefs in the Netherlands, the first Dutch food labs are currently in development. This are labs in which the Dutch food culture will be explored, new techniques are materials are researched and workshops or research outcomes are provided to chefs to implement in their restaurant. I further developed my network and interest of chefs through the collaboration with Alchemist, and I will continue working on several related projects, among others on: sustainable food research with the Low Food Lab (by Michelin chef Joris Bijdendijk); working on fermentation techniques within Het Smaakpark; and developing the 3D printing of Tempeh with Foodlab Manenwolfs. Next to that, I will continue working at the Eindhoven University of Technology, with students and professors in the new food squad at the Industrial Design faculty.